When September Ends…

Dear BLIK Readers and Friends,

In line with Green Day’s acclaimed song (September was slow for us), our Editorial Team is back in full swing: editing essays, seeking new members and papers, and scrambling, a bit, to get 14.3 out the door to our wonderful subscribers.*

Our team currently consists of four Media and Culture students – though we long for Musicology students to join us – 3 returning and 1 joining. Tawny Sleebos as Chief Editor, Macy Hohenleitner as PR, Roos Thomassen as Head of Graphic Design, and Henna Kanerva as Secretary. Reclaiming our space at Munstraat, we are optimistic in our group dynamics and diligence in pursuit of well-curated journals. In addition, we aim to bring you equally reputable content in our other efforts such as podcasts and reviews. In any case, we all look forward to another year of BLIK ahead.

We hope you’ve had a joyous time meeting people more frequently face to face (if this is your preference, of course), and readily wish you into this new academic year. Take care of yourself and those around you.

To transitions and changes, in all their forms.

Sincerely, and with much care,
The BLIK Editorial Team

*A note about 14.3…
Aware of the delay, we are continuously finalising our last edition of the 2020-21 academic year, 14.3. Unfortunately for us, our graphic designer had to step back. Thus our scramble to send it out. Though, the brother of Tawny, our super Editor in Chief, has already completed the (new) graphic design for 14.3. We hope to send the edition by the end of October.

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