Volume #9

BLIK #9.0

BLIK exists ten years! That must of course be celebrated extensively and that is why this anniversary edition is double thick. The BLIK editors have asked various authors who have published in BLIK in the past to look at their article again and to look back on it. In addition, this edition includes an interview with the founders of BLIK and we will visit Frans Bromet. Of course, the original, non-recycled articles, essays and columns are also included.

BLIK #9.1

BLIK # 9.1 is about framing: the way in which something is portrayed or represented makes a lot of difference to how it is perceived. In this edition we have brought together several essays and articles, in which the author emphasizes the way he or she frames his or her subject. There are also two interviews in this edition: one with Ugur Ümit Üngör, who is researching framing in conflict areas at the history department, and one with Rainer Hofmann, who brings “his” SPRING festival to our attention. That again offers enough reading material!

BLIK #9.2