Volume #8

BLIK #8.0

Blik # 8.0 was published in early 2015. For this issue touching topics have been collected, relating to terrorism, ethnicity and the role of media in our image formation. Every opinion can be heard and everyone has the right to be published, is the credo this time.


BLIK #8.1

It’s an often cited cliché: media are changing. Where we used to sit on the couch with our parents waiting for a program that started promptly at eight o’clock, we now all watch different audiovisual material for ourselves on another device in another room. Programs and websites such as YouTube, Netflix and UitzendingGemist lead to the loss of nostalgic cosiness. Our media use is no longer collective, but directly aimed at the individual. Which direction is our field taking with this? This edition of BLIK tries to answer these questions.

BLIK #8.2