Volume #6

BLIK #6.0

Telling, imagining and stories come in an exceptionally many different forms, which this edition of BLIK tries to get a grip on. Not only does this issue examine common narrative views, but it also explores the other ways in which stories are told. Think of the social discourse, or telling a story using only numbers? Of course, BLIK also constructs its own story by contrasting the interpretation of these story forms. The last element of that is in itself a new beginning.

BLIK #6.1

In the second issue of the seventh volume, BLIK deals with situations that have “just not” led to a conclusion or answer. Still, the authors come with clear recommendations and sometimes even a rosy look to the future. BLIK # 6.1 also includes a beautiful poster of HKU students studying product design. The depicted objects are inspired by the articles you can find in this BLIK.

BLIK #6.2