Volume #3

BLIK #3.0

Just before the turn of the year, BLIK magazine kicked off its third year in December 2009 with BLIK 3.0. Equally redesigned by our new designer and with more space for photos and other work by artists. In this highly varied issue, contributions range from the rise and fall of the disco subculture and the identity-deepening potential of weblogs, to the innovative use of new media in Dutch and American politics and an argument for research into television as a cultural memory practice.

BLIK #3.1


We proudly present the latest, extra thick edition of BLIK magazine! This edition is entirely devoted to the FAQ MCW Master Evening that the editors organized in March 2010 at Utrecht University. Various students, PhD students and lecturers spoke on this evening about their research, internship or their career after their studies. In the various articles, essays and the interview in this edition, a number of them are given the space to delve deeper into their research or current career.

BLIK #3.2


The tenor of this LOOK revolves around the relationship between “reality” and its representation, and in particular how the two are constantly confused. What is real? seems to be the scientific question par excellence. The question seems unanswerable, but nonetheless it remains intriguing. What causes some media to be attributed an objective status of representation? Is this status untouchable or can we really question it?