Volume #1

BLIK #1.0

BLIK # 1.0 was published in June 2007. The many articles in this issue are all concerned with the deception and seduction of the image in varying degrees. For this issue we have therefore tried not only to allow this theme to penetrate in terms of articles, but also to create a creatively challenging image in the layout – which was created by no fewer than four illustrators.

BLIK #1.1


The March 2008 issue of BLIK formed a partnership with University College Utrecht’s student magazine The Boomerang. In a one-off limited edition of BLOOM, the apparently contrasting spheres of academics and journalism were brought together. This resulted in an eclectic collection of articles ranging from a …

BLIK #1.2

The partnership between VOOYS, magazine for arts, and BLIK, magazine for audiovisual culture, resulted in a 128-page edition of Word / Image. Various articles and interviews with Shalom Auslander and Craig Thompson make this issue one of our most varied releases.