BLIK #2.0: Uncanny Media

In its October theme issue Uncanny Media: the dark side of media, BLIK extensively covered the recently held Uncanny Media conference. During the conference national and international speakers from varying disciplines gave lectures on the darker side of medial interaction.


Interview: Isabella van Elferen, Searching for What Lies in Between – Jan-Willem van der Mijde & Sarie Soewargana

Isabella van Elferen was the conference initiator. Van Elferen is a University of Utrecht assistant professor and researcher of Music and New Media, and has published several books and academic articles on Gothic Theory, among which Nostalgia or Perversion? Gothic Rewriting from the Eighteenth Century until the Present Day (2007).

Artikel: Wireless Comminucation: Venturing Into the Familiar Unknown – Imar de Vries

Imar de Vries aims to elucidate how our daily use and perception of mobile telephone technology can embody conflicting desires about mediation resulting in uncanny mediation experiences. Imar de Vries is an Assistant Professor within the New Media and Digital Culture programme at Utrecht University. His work focuses on the technological imaginary and the archaeology of new media.

Essay: Online Afterlife: Spectres on the Internet – Ilona van de Bilt

Focusing on the representation of the living after death, Ilona van de Bildt discusses the ghostly online afterlife which emerges from the traces we leave behind on social networking sites. Ilona van de Bildt is at present finishing the Research Master Media Studies at Utrecht University, specializing in popular music and new media.

Beeldessay: Uncanny Uncertainties, Defocused Photographs Between Imagination and Evidence – Alexander Schwinghammer

Alexander Schwinghammer explores how blurry images of still documentary photography can arouse the viewer’s curiosity and suspicion, thereby exerting their own mechanisms for investigating questions of reality and authenticity. Alexander Schwinghammer is at present a joint PhD candidate at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College London and the Institute for Cultural Anthropology, Goethe University Frankfurt. He also teaches in art and media theory at the School for New Media, Karlsruhe.

Essay: Steven Bruhm, Gothic Role-playing, Child’s Play and Cellular Performances – Joost Broeren & Gijs van Wiechen

Steven Bruhm was a keynote speaker on Uncanny Media and during the conference gave a lecture entitled ‘Cell Phones from Hell’ discussing how new technology is imagined in recent horror films. Bruhm is a Robert and Ruth Lumsden Professor of English at The University of Western Ontario, and received his PhD on the eighteenth century gothic novel at McGill University

Artikel: Necromancy at Home and in the Workplace – Guy Edmonds

Guy Edmonds explores the mediatic afterlife whilst focusing on early film and home movies, describing both as a cinema of remembrance, allowing the film apparatus to function as a resurrection machine and turning the film archivist into a necromancer. Guy Edmonds is a film restorer at the Nederlands Filmmuseum (Dutch film museum) and co-organiser of Home Movie Day 2008, held on Saturday October the 18th.

Essay: Who Interrogates These Ghosts – Renee T. Coulombe

Renee T. Coulombe directs our attention to the (un)dead in her investigation on the ways in which we frantically try to capture tormented voices from the past; an affection best illustrated by the recent surge in television shows on paranormal research. Renee T. Coulombe is Assistant Professor in Music Theory and Composition at the University of California, Riverside. She teaches courses in composition, twentieth century music history, the history of theory, critical theory and free improvisation.

Column: Gothic Walk – Lisa Wiegel

A group of scholars and I stand huddled together at the Dom Square, surrounded by most eccentric-looking people wearing accessories ranging from oxygen masks and goggles to electric wires. A column about a Gothic walk.

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