About the Magazine

BLIK is an academic student-run magazine for audiovisual media and culture. It is also the official magazine of the Department of Media and Culture studies of the University Utrecht. BLIK is released three times per academic year and gets send to its subscriber base, which consists of students, teachers, and alumni of the University Utrecht.

The magazine BLIK is a unique platform through which students, under guidance of the editors, can publish their own articles, papers, and theses provided that these are written on a subject that in any way relates to audiovisual culture. This keeps articles written during an academic career from falling into oblivion, other people than just the writer and teacher that marks it get to read the work! Furthermore a professional publication looks great on your resumé, especially if you are pursuing a career as a researcher.

As part of our team of editors you do not only gain a lot of experience through the selecting and correcting of send in papers, you can also gain experience in an extra field if you want to. Next to the standard function of editor we also give the opportunity of being web-editor, PR, treasurer, secretary or even editor in chief.

The BLIK website is the digital platform that acts as a place for us to publish the types of articles we can not place in the physical issues, like movie reviews and the more general announcements. As a critic you get a unique change via BLIK to see new movies free well before the date of their premier! Our web-editor stays in contact with you and eventually places the review on our site. For long-time critics we might even be able to give you a press-pass for film festivals like the Dutch Film Festival or International Film Festival Rotterdam. Through experiences like these some of our critics have ended up working in places like Cineville, De Volkskrant, the NRC and the Filmkrant.

In these ways and more BLIK offers students the chance and experience of publishing a paper, being active as an editor or working as a movie critic, all of which teaches skills that are very useful no matter which way you decide to go in further life.