Blik’s Editorial Team is fond of podcast, and may publish them here when the occasion arises. In these podcast, BLIK editors typically discuss relevant subject within media and culture studies, investing prominent guests within the field. While there is no strict logic to BLIK’s planning of podcasts, BLIK may also launch podcast series in the future. If you have ideas or other relevant remarks concerning BLIK’s (podcast) program, please do no hesitate to send us an email via info@blikonline.nl.

US Politics and Media

In this episode, dr. Alec Badenoch, an assistant professor of Media and Cultural Studies and BLIK editor and BA Media and Culture student Macy Hohenleitner sit down with BLIK Editor-in-Chief David ten Cate to discuss what it means to be an American living abroad, the recently passed 1.2 billion dollar stimulus relief bill, and how media influences politics in the then and now.