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    OMG… WTF?

    A Review of Igor Vrebac and De Nieuwe Oost’s theatre performance - OMG. By Macy Hohenleitner

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    When September Ends…

    Dear BLIK Readers and Friends, In line with Green Day’s acclaimed song (September was slow for us), our Editorial Team is back in full swing: editing essays, seeking new members and papers, and scrambling, a bit, to get 14.3 out the door to our wonderful subscribers.* Our team currently consists of four Media and Culture students – though we long for Musicology students to join us – 3 returning and 1 joining. Tawny Sleebos as Chief Editor, Macy Hohenleitner as PR, Roos Thomassen as Head of Graphic Design, and Henna Kanerva as Secretary. Reclaiming our space at Munstraat, we are optimistic in our group dynamics and diligence in pursuit of…

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    Dear reader, If you have not yet taken note, BLIK has transitioned from primarily operating in Dutch to English in all our future products.  We’ve done this for a number of reasons. Predominantly, for the ever-growing internationalisation of education at Utrecht University (especially within the Department of Media and Culture studies) and within The Netherlands in general. Therefore, our transition is fuelled by prospects of making our journal accessible to as many interested in academic audiovisual culture as possible.  This does not mean we will not accept submissions in Dutch; we indeed highly encourage so, as BLIK continues to provide publication opportunities for all students writing about audiovisual culture here…

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    BLIK Podcast – US Politics and Media

    Welcome to the first BLIK podcast of 2021! Another welcome for our first podcast recorded in English.  In this episode, dr. Alec Badenoch, an assistant professor of Media and Cultural Studies and BLIK editor and BA Media and Culture student Macy Hohenleitner sit down with BLIK Editor-in-Chief David ten Cate to discuss what it means to be an American living abroad, the recently passed 1.2 billion dollar stimulus relief bill, and how media influences politics in the then and now.  Amid a corona lockdown, this podcast has been recorded digitally on Microsoft Teams using the programme Audacity (no, this is not sponsored).  If you liked this podcast and want more,…

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    Introducing the new editorial team of 2020-2021:

    Chief Editor and Treasurer – David ten Cate Secretary and Web Editor – Dominique de Wilde  Public Relations Officer (PR) – Tawny Sleebos International Officer – Macy Hohenleitner Head of Graphic Design – Roos Thomassen Head of Review Board – Noortje Scheurs The new editorial team represents a lot of different interests brought together with one shared goal: making BLIK the best academic journal it can be. With our different skillsets we will create and continuously improve for future editions.  Short biographies of each member can be found under ‘About BLIK’, ‘Editorial’. Applications for positions in the editorial are always open. Authors who would like to have their papers considered for publication, can send their…

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    BLIK Back to Business

    Some time has passed since the last website update. We would like to announce that we are “back tobusiness” and will update the website in the near future, to start with the editing. Last year, the BLIK editors saw several editors come and go, three of which are part of the current editors: David ten Cate, Dominique de Wilde and Noortje Scheurs. They have enthusiastically participated in the production of BLIK # 13.1 and # 13.2 and will also do everything they can to make the next editions of BLIK a success. In the academic year 2020-2021, a large number of students enthusiastically started studying Media and Culture, many of which also participate in extracurricular activities,…

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