BLIK Podcast – US Politics and Media

Welcome to the first BLIK podcast of 2021! Another welcome for our first podcast recorded in English. 

In this episode, dr. Alec Badenoch, an assistant professor of Media and Cultural Studies and BLIK editor and BA Media and Culture student Macy Hohenleitner sit down with BLIK Editor-in-Chief David ten Cate to discuss what it means to be an American living abroad, the recently passed 1.2 billion dollar stimulus relief bill, and how media influences politics in the then and now. 

Amid a corona lockdown, this podcast has been recorded digitally on Microsoft Teams using the programme Audacity (no, this is not sponsored). 

If you liked this podcast and want more, let us know! Or check out the Honours project by BLIK editor Tawny Sleebos, a podcast analysing South Korean culture and identity through media objects and articles: https://open.spotify.com/show/4PAphq8rouWQ1kP946V7TQ?si=2y1Ty6XOQr-r9qRg04cdCw.