BLIK Back to Business

Some time has passed since the last website update. We would like to announce that we are “back tobusiness” and will update the website in the near future, to start with the editing. Last year, the BLIK editors saw several editors come and go, three of which are part of the current editors: David ten Cate, Dominique de Wilde and Noortje Scheurs. They have enthusiastically participated in the production of BLIK # 13.1 and # 13.2 and will also do everything they can to make the next editions of BLIK a success.

In the academic year 2020-2021, a large number of students enthusiastically started studying Media and Culture, many of which also participate in extracurricular activities, such as editing a journal like BLIK. There are several students who have expressed their interest in editing and have applied for the BLIK editorial team. With these fresh editors we will compile the next issues of BLIK, not starting with # 14.0 as usual, but starting the year with BLIK # 14.1. We, at the editorial team, look forward to working with the new editors and ultimately handing over the editorial of the magazine to them.

The introduction of the new editorial team will follow soon.

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