Macy Hohenleitner - Editor-in-Chief

Macy is a second year Media and Culture student, particularly interested in performance studies and cultural theory. In her free time, Macy loves watching theater, writing, and reading. She joined the Blik in October 2020 serving as the first International Officer, guiding the transition into an English environment. Now since January 2022, she manages the lovely Blik team.

Roos Thomassen - Treasurer

Roos is a second year Media and Culture student and is a member of Blik since September 2020. She has very many interests regarding media but one of them is the journalistic side. In her spare time she likes to be “artsy” and now has knitting as a creative outlet. These creative genes come in handy when fulfilling the role of Head of Graphic Design in the BLIK editorial team.

Henna Kanerva - Secretary

Henna is a third year Media and Culture student..

Hannah Feldmann – PR Official

Hannah is a third year…

Stepan Lastuvka – Editor and Web Design

Moorle Slager – Editor

Moorle is a Dutch first-year Media and Culture student, with a research interest in screen cultures and gender studies. In her free time, she enjoys watching and performing in theatre, and plays the piano and guitar. Her favourite television genres are the odd combination of horror and comedy. Besides partaking in media studies, she spends a lot of time at work. She has been an editor at Blik since January 2022.

Maria Bosacka – Editor

Maria is a second year Media and Culture student specializing in participatory cultures. Her interests lie in Gender Studies and Politics, but she also loves to cook and watch television, always bingeing at least two TV series at the same time. She is a closing manager at a restaurant in Utrecht, where she are her friends love to spend time and relax. At Blik, she fulfils the role of Editor, having joined in April of 2022!

Ani Encheva – Editor