About the Journal

BLIK is the academic student-made journal for audiovisual culture. It is the official journal of the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. BLIK is published three times per academic year, and is distributed under its subscribers, which include teachers, students, and alumni at Utrecht University and other globally recognized institutions.

The journal of BLIK is a unique platform on which students, in correspondence with BLIK’s editorial team, have the option to publish their best academic work on audiovisual culture. Thus, work in audiovisual fields that students are proud of earns it rightful place under the nose of peers, instead of in dusty drawers. There is also a self-benefit in publishing, as it serves anyone with (academically engaged) future perspectives in the audiovisual field well to have published within an associated journal.

A member of the editorial team learns the practice of the selection and editing of academic articles, but is additionally offered the option to play a part in the organizational structure of BLIK, as BLIK is also a recognized academic foundation.

The website of BLIK is the digital platform for its creative academic contributions that are better suited of a digital form. This predominantly includes reviews, podcasts and festival reports. Reviewers that are registered with BLIK are offered the opportunity to visit press viewings of film and other media premières. Continued contribution to BLIK reviews may eventually result in an official BLIK press accreditation for international festivals on audiovisual culture.

Thus, BLIK offers both students that wish to see their best academic work published and students that would like to be associated with BLIK as an editor or reviewer, the opportunity to develop in the practice of audiovisual studies, which can be of great benefit after graduation.